eco roof insulation cape town - insulating a roof


Eco roof insulation Cape Town – did you know that some 40% of heat is lost through a roof? Our highly effective eco-roof insulation will help you to retain that heat, so you can use less energy to keep your house warm in winter – and your house stays cooler in summer!

The insulation material we use, a fibre also known as PET, is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Each roll of material contains some 340 recycled plastic bottles and weighs around 7kg. PET is non-toxic, dust free and allergy free, so you won’t feel any itching. It has no loose fibres and can be used in ceilings with down lights. It is also fire safe, as it melts rather than ignites should there be a fire.

Eco roof insulation Cape Town – SABS approved

Our insulation material is also recommended by Eskom as a way to save electricity and therefore money spent on energy. It is also SABS approved (SANS 10177-9) and ISA 9001:2008 compliant.

Looking for eco roof insulation Cape Town – we can easily install our eco roof insulation during the building process or in established homes and buildings. Call us to find out more!