Fix your damp problems before you sell your home

In light of the Consumer Protection Act, it is important to disclose property defects to a potential home buyer when you sell a property.

Failure to disclose a defect, such as a damp or waterproofing problem, could lead to the cancellation of the sale agreement and the refunding of the full sale price.

It is challenging for home owners to check their homes for all the latent defects a buyer could find after moving in, as they are not experts on structural, electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, pest and surface matters. It is therefore a good idea to get an expert in each of these areas to conduct a room by room inspection of the property and look in all the places hidden by carpets, furniture, curtains and other objects for defects.

Any work done on the home that carries a warranty or guarantee should be recorded, and the paperwork should be given to the home buyer.

It also makes sense to fix latent defects, as this may enhance the value of a property and see it sell more quickly.  A damp wall is a quick turn-off, as this may indicate a far worse waterproofing problem to potential sellers. However, fixing a crack, adding a sealant and covering a wall with a fresh coat of paint can make a home appear ready to move in – and your home may sell quickly.

Call us if you would like us to inspect your home for damp and waterproofing problems.