Painting and waterproofing transform a home

When a client in Melkbosstrand asked us to transform their home from drab to fab, we were thrilled to accept the challenge!

The home needed painting and waterproofing, as well as work done to the woodwork. The client also wanted our advice to choose a different colour paint to give their home a new look.

We started by cleaned the exterior walls with a high pressure cleaner, using water from the onsite borehole. We then chopped open the cracks and chipped off the loose plaster before repairing them with a top-quality filler. We also ground open horizontal cracks to create expansion joints. After applying a new coat of plaster, we applied a full coat of primer.

The client chose the shade ‘Moon Goddess’ as the new colour for their home, so we applied two coats of the paint to the exterior walls. The paint shop had also been requested to mix lightened and darkened variations of the shade for contrast on the chimney, boundary walls and stairs.

Preparing the woodwork

In addition to painting and waterproofing, we also sand down, varnish and seal woodwork. After sanding down the woodwork to a smooth finish, we replaced the beadings on the windows and then applied two coats of varnish. The garage doors were also sanded before we sealed all joins with a sealant and then we smoothed down the surface. After applying an undercoat, we painted on two coats of gloss enamel paint. The client’s wendy house also needed TLC, so we sanded it down to a smooth finish before applying a white wash finish.

To revitalise the window frames, we first removed the burglar bars by grinding off the bolts and extracting them from the walls. We then re-plastered the holes in the walls and stippled all worked-on areas to match the existing finish. To finish off, we added a spot prime to the worked-on areas.

To seal the windows where necessary, we raked out the silicone and resealed all the window walls to frame with a polyurethane sealant.

Finally we turned our attention to the stairs leading to the pool. After cleaning the stairs with a wire brush, we applied a coat of primer, a coat of roof paint with building sand for grip and a further two coats of roof paint.

Challenge complete, we left our satisfied client to enjoy their stunning home! The before and after pics below show the transformation of this beautiful home.