We recently did some waterproofing and painting work for a client in Atlantic Beach Golf Estate whose balcony needed some attention.

To start, we chopped up the existing tiles on the balcony and removed them, before preparing the surface to screed it. We then primed the balcony with bitumen.

To prevent future water damage, we added a layer of torch on, which is a great way to waterproof a construction surface. In addition to allowing for overlaps and turn-ups, we also applied counter flashings to the side walls for additional protection.

After applying bonding liquid and cement slurry to the torch-on, the sliding doors and windows were refitted and the balcony was re-tiled. The balcony was now restored to its original ‘new’ condition and looked amazing!

The next step was to make sure the front of the house looked as good as new. So, we scraped off loose and flaking paint from the front façade of the balcony and ceiling. All the cracks were repaired with a suitable filler. We then sanded the areas that were worked on to achieve a smooth finish, and applied spot prime. To complete the work, we applied 2 coats of paint that blended in with rest of the house and also to meet the rules of the estate.

Below are photos of the steps we took to restore the balcony and home front to show house condition. If you would like to waterproof your balcony (or roof), or refresh the look of your home, we would be happy to help. Contact us and we will conduct a site inspection and provide an obligation-free quote.

Waterproofing and painting at Atlantic Beach Golf Estate