roof cleaning cape town - image of Tuscan home roof


Looking for roof cleaning Cape Town – northern or southern suburbs?  When your roof needs cleaning or refreshing, we are here to help! We can restore your roof through high pressure roof cleaning, roof painting, roof repairs and regular roof maintenance.

High pressure roof cleaning Cape Town

Using high pressure cleaning, we wash away the moss, algae, dirt and other foreign substances on your roof. We also include an antifungal treatment to ensure your roof stays cleaner for longer.

Roof painting

Painting a roof not only makes your building look good, but can improve the value of your home and extend the lifetime of your roof. Whether you choose the same colour, or a different colour, we can help you achieve the look you desire. We use quality paint that offers a warranty.

Roof repairs

No matter the state of your roof, we will fix it! From a simple leak to a completely new roof, we do it all! We repair all roof types – from flat roofs to pitched roofs, and from concrete roofs to tile, slate and perspex roofs. We also replace old roof sheets with new ones.

Roof maintenance

To prevent costly roof damage, we recommend that you conduct roof inspections every three to five years. Using the latest technology, we will inspect your roof and detect problem areas, as well as check for broken bolts, cracked tiles and blocked gutters. We can then do the necessary maintenance before any serious damage occurs.

Whether you’re looking for high pressure roof cleaning Cape Town or roof painting, roof repairs or roof maintenance – all our work is guaranteed for your peace of mind. Call us to inspect and fix your roof!